Last Week in Crypto: Highlights in the Cryptocurrency World

Welcome to our weekly update in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies!

On Monday, December 11, 2023, at 2:50:21 PM CET (8:50:21 AM EST), we reviewed the current prices for the top ten cryptocurrencies according to Coin Market Cap. Comparing with the week’s closing on December 18, 2023, at 3:05:10 PM CET (9:05:10 AM EST), excluding USDC and Tether.

Here’s the updated comparison between the initial and final prices of the eight mentioned cryptocurrencies, excluding USDC and Tether:

1. Bitcoin (BTC):
– Initial Price: $42,196,050
– Final Price: $41,360.36
– Change: -1.98%

2. Ethereum (ETH):
– Initial Price: $2,244.10
– Final Price: $2,156.10
– Change: -3.92%

3. BNB (BNB):
– Initial Price: $245.04
– Final Price: $236.93
– Change: -3.33%

4. XRP (XRP):
– Initial Price: $0.625
– Final Price: $0.5946
– Change: -4.88%

5. Solana (SOL):
– Initial Price: $69.06
– Final Price: $70.42
– Change: +1.95%

6. Cardano (ADA):
– Initial Price: $0.5524
– Final Price: $0.567
– Change: +2.59%

7. Avalanche (AVAX):
– Initial Price: $36.24
– Final Price: $39.27
– Change: +8.36%

8. Dogecoin (DOGE):
– Initial Price: $0.09832
– Final Price: $0.0891
– Change: -9.39%

Unblock CEO, Oscar Flores, Featured in the Top 300 Largest Fortunes of Switzerland According to Bilan

Our CEO, Oscar Flores of Unblock, has achieved a significant milestone by proudly being included in the exclusive list of the top 300 largest fortunes, according to the prestigious Swiss magazine Bilan. With a distinguished 20-year career in the industry, Oscar Flores stands as an exemplar of business excellence. The article delves into Flores’s fascinating journey, from his initial challenges as a rebellious teenager with academic difficulties in Switzerland to becoming a key figure in the digital payments sector in the Americas. His story is a testament to unwavering belief, resilience, and seizing opportunities, exemplifying the spirit of a self-taught professional passionate about development.

In summary, Oscar Flores’s narrative is a captivating tale of overcoming obstacles, embodying the entrepreneurial spirit. From Nicaragua to Panama, his journey not only represents personal success but also the determination to challenge perceptions about recognizing talent on one’s own turf.

Learn more about Oscar Flores’s inspiring journey by visiting the full article.

El Salvador Celebrates Over $3 Million Gains in Bitcoin Investment and Affirms Long-Term Commitment

The president of El Salvador shared significant news early on Monday through the X platform, reporting that his country’s investment in bitcoin (BTC) was now yielding profits exceeding $3 million, thanks to the cryptocurrency’s value rising to $42,000 over the weekend. In his statements, the president emphasized that they have no plans to sell their bitcoins, as selling was never the primary goal. He added that they are fully aware of the volatile nature of cryptocurrency prices and that these fluctuations will not affect their long-term strategy regarding the adoption and retention of Bitcoin as an integral part of the country’s economic vision.

Itaú Unibanco Launches Cryptocurrency Trading Service: Bitcoin and Ether Available for Clients

Brazilian bank Itaú Unibanco has introduced a cryptocurrency trading service for its clients as part of its investment platform. The largest bank in Brazil in terms of assets has initially launched trading with Bitcoin (BTC) at $41,787 and Ether (ETH) at $2,229, as reported by the head of digital assets, Guto Antunes. Itaú Bank will also act as a custodian of cryptocurrencies for the service, storing cryptographic assets for its clients. Although initially, Itaú’s clients won’t be able to deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies using external wallets, Antunes emphasized the security provided by keeping the money in the bank account. Additionally, the bank plans to expand the offering to more cryptocurrencies in the future.

Turbulent Markets: Coinbase CEO’s Bold Prediction on the Dollar as Bitcoin Surpasses $40,000, Boosting the Rise of Ethereum, XRP, and Cryptocurrencies

In a surprising turn of events, the CEO of Coinbase has revealed a bold prediction about the US dollar as the price of Bitcoin surpasses $40,000, contributing to the impressive rise of Ethereum, XRP, and other cryptocurrencies. The CEO’s statement presents an intriguing perspective on the dynamics between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies, offering a unique insight amid the recent market euphoria. This event not only highlights the ongoing prominence of Bitcoin but also the growing influence of other cryptocurrencies in the financial landscape. The interconnection between these digital currencies and their impact on global markets points to an exciting period for cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts.

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