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As we kick off another exciting week on Monday, April 22, 2024, at 9:00:10 AM EST (3:10:18 PM CET), we delve into the latest price action of the top ten cryptocurrencies, as per Coin Market Cap. Join us as we analyze these figures and anticipate how the market will unfold throughout the week. Subsequently, we will compare these prices with the closing figures of Friday, April 26, 2024, at 6:00:00 PM EST (12:00:00 AM CET), to gain insights into the week’s market trends and fluctuations.

Date: Monday 22nd to Friday 26th
BTC $66,022.63 -3.01% $ 64,033.07
ETH $3,206.10 -1.75% $ 3,206.10
BNB $596.65 0.91% $ 602.10
SOL $154.04 -7.37% $ 142.68
XRP $0.53 -1.10% $ 0.5283
TON $6.08 -11.18% $5.40
DOGE $0.16 -6.92% $ 0.1494
ADA $ 0.51 -8.88% $0.4677
AVAX $ 39.06 -10.39% $ 35.00

EU Parliament Tightens Anti-Money Laundering Rules, Including Crypto Oversight


The European Parliament has passed a comprehensive anti-money laundering package, targeting various sectors including cryptocurrencies. The laws aim to tighten measures against money laundering and terrorist financing across the EU. Key provisions include enhanced due diligence for banks, crypto firms, and real estate agents, with mandatory reporting of suspicious activities. Concerns have been raised about potential unfairness in crypto regulations compared to other sectors. The package also grants immediate access to beneficial ownership information to entities with legitimate interest. While the package has passed in the Parliament, it still awaits formal adoption by the EU Council to become law.


Bitcoin’s Bullish Anticipation: The U.S. Treasury’s Secret Weapon


Prepare for fireworks in the crypto world as Bitcoin traders hold their breath for the U.S. Treasury’s quarterly refinancing announcement. This isn’t your average financial update—it’s the potential game-changer that could reignite Bitcoin’s fire.


The spotlight is on the Treasury’s decision regarding the Treasury General Account (TGA) balance. Will it stay the same, or will it climb to new heights? The stakes are high. A steady or reduced TGA balance could unleash a wave of fresh capital, sending shockwaves of optimism through the market and setting the stage for a crypto resurgence.


But beware the twist: a raised TGA target could tighten the screws on liquidity, throwing cold water on the bullish party. With tension mounting, all eyes are on Janet Yellen’s next move. Buckle up, because the crypto rollercoaster is about to take a thrilling turn.


Bitcoin Hits New Transaction Record Amid Runes Craze


Bitcoin’s daily transactions have soared to a new peak, exceeding 926,000 transactions in a single day, driven largely by the rising interest in Runes. This milestone, achieved just after the Bitcoin halving, showcases the growing utility of the network. Runes, constituting 68% of Bitcoin transactions, have witnessed 3.6 million transactions, emphasizing the value of block space on Bitcoin. Despite this surge, Bitcoin’s price remains relatively stagnant around $64,000. While Runes have garnered significant attention, their true market potential may unfold only after the initial hype settles, cautioning against premature excitement.


Consensys Challenges SEC: Lawsuit Over Ether Regulation Threat


Consensys, a leading software development company, is taking legal action against the U.S. SEC and its commissioners over concerns that Ether (ETH) may be regulated as a security. The lawsuit alleges that the SEC’s potential regulation of ETH would harm the Ethereum network and Consensys. Consensys argues that the SEC’s stance contradicts its previous declaration in 2018 that Ether was not a security. The lawsuit also highlights inconsistencies in SEC Chairman Gensler’s statements regarding Ether’s regulatory status.


BlackRock’s Bitcoin Trust Records Historic Day as Inflows Dry Up: What It Means for the Crypto ETF Market


BlackRock iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) made waves in the crypto world as it experienced its first day without any new investments since the dawn of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the US. Despite its consistent attraction of millions of dollars daily since its January launch, IBIT hit a roadblock on April 24. This dry spell wasn’t unique to IBIT; most Bitcoin ETFs felt the pinch, with only a couple, like Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund (FBTC) and ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF (ARKB), managing to secure inflows. Meanwhile, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ETF (GBTC) continued its streak of outflows, contributing to a net outflow of $120.6 million for spot Bitcoin ETFs that day. This turn of events reflects the ebb and flow of investor sentiment in the crypto ETF market, which has gathered over $12.3 billion in Bitcoin to date. As market participants eye Ether ETFs, recent SEC delays in approval decisions have cast a shadow over these aspirations.









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