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As we kick off another exciting week on Monday, April 29, 2024, at 9:05:00 AM EST (3:05:00 PM CET), we delve into the latest price action of the top ten cryptocurrencies, as per Coin Market Cap. Join us as we analyze these figures and anticipate how the market will unfold throughout the week. Subsequently, we will compare these prices with the closing figures of Friday, May 3, 2024, at 6:00:00 PM EST (12:00:00 AM CET), to gain insights into the week’s market trends and fluctuations.


Date: Monday 29th to Friday 3rd
BTC$62,579.150.24%$ 62,731.92
ETH$3,159.14-1.61%$ 3,108.38
BNB$589.29-0.62%$ 602.10
SOL$135.845.41%$ 143.19
DOGE$0.14182.26%$ 0.1450


Bitcoin Dips 20%+: Could $50K Be the Bottom?


Bitcoin has slipped over 20% from its all-time highs, sparking speculation about a potential drop to the $50,000 mark. This correction, in line with historical patterns, marks the deepest retracement of this cycle, according to analysts. Losing the crucial $59,000 support level, tied to average ETF inflows, could accelerate the decline to $50,000, say experts. With over $750 million in leveraged long positions at risk, the recent dip below $60,000 has raised concerns amidst subdued trading volumes for new spot Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong.


Crypto Titans’ Tryst with CBDCs: A Risky Romance?


As central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) gain traction, prominent crypto players like Consensys, Ripple, and Stellar are caught in a delicate dance with these state-controlled currencies. While CBDCs offer governments unprecedented financial control, they contradict the ethos of decentralization championed by blockchain. Despite concerns about privacy and democracy, some industry leaders are actively engaging with CBDC development, blurring the lines between decentralization and centralization. As the crypto community debates the implications, it’s crucial for thought leaders to resist the allure of

CBDCs and advocate for decentralized alternatives to preserve the core principles of blockchain technology.


Unlocking DEX Value: The Memecoin Effect


Synthetix founder Kain Warwick sees memecoins as more than just speculative assets—they’re driving significant value to decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Warwick believes that memecoin trading attracts non-traditional DeFi traders, leading to increased DEX volumes and the development of better trading tools. Despite critics’ arguments about memecoins lacking utility, Warwick emphasizes their role in fostering a vibrant ecosystem and driving investment into infrastructure. With memecoin trading surging in recent months, DEX volumes have reached new heights, highlighting the mass appeal of these assets. Warwick sees memecoins, NFTs, and GameFi as tapping into human emotion and culture, making them more accessible to the average person compared to traditional finance. Memecoins serve as a gateway to DeFi for many, offering a simple yet compelling entry point into the world of crypto.


BlackRock Eyes Institutional Shift to Bitcoin ETFs


Block, led by Jack Dorsey, plans to allocate 10% of profits from its Bitcoin products toward purchasing more of the cryptocurrency each month, according to its quarterly report. Initially investing $220 million in Bitcoin in 2020, Block’s holdings have grown to $573 million by Q1 2024. Dorsey emphasized Bitcoin’s potential as an open protocol for money, advocating for its role as the native currency of the internet. Despite strong financial performance, Block faces regulatory scrutiny over compliance issues with its Cash App platform. Additionally, the company is advancing its Bitcoin mining efforts, transitioning to a complete mining system with a cutting-edge 3 nanometer chip design.












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