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As we kick off another exciting week on Monday, May 6th, 2024, at 9:05:10 AM EST (3:05:10 PM CET), we delve into the latest price action of the top ten cryptocurrencies, as per Coin Market Cap. Join us as we analyze these figures and anticipate how the market will unfold throughout the week. Subsequently, we will compare these prices with the closing figures of Friday, May 6th, 2024, at 6:00:00 PM EST (12:00:00 AM CET), to gain insights into the week’s market trends and fluctuations.

Date: Monday 6th to Friday 10th
BTC $63,594.95 -4.62% $ 60,659.87
ETH $3,101.40 -6.41% $ 2,902.58
BNB $586.12 -0.04% $ 585.90
SOL $150.92 -3.02% $ 146.36
XRP $0.5295 -5.00% $0.5030
TON $5.9362 13.20% $6.72
DOGE $0.1580 -9.18% $0.1435
ADA $0.4576 -2.29% $0.4678
AVAX $37.58 -10.16% $33.76

Breaking Ground: First Swiss Token Society Meeting Held at UNBLOCK’s Geneva Office!


UNBLOCK made history as it hosted the inaugural gathering of the Swiss Token Society at its Geneva headquarters. Crypto enthusiasts and industry leaders convened to discuss the future of blockchain technology and its impact on Switzerland’s financial landscape. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking events from UNBLOCK!


Get Ready to Meme: UNBLOCK App Welcomes MEME Coins to its Platform!


Exciting news for crypto fans! UNBLOCK app is now supporting MEME coins, adding a touch of humor and creativity to its diverse portfolio. Join the fun and explore the world of MEME coins on UNBLOCK today!


U.S. House Votes to Boost Crypto Custody in Banking Sector


The U.S. House of Representatives has made a landmark decision to overturn SEC guidance that restricted banks from holding crypto assets. Despite initial concerns from President Biden, the bipartisan bill, H.J. Res 109, passed with significant support. This move is seen as a victory for crypto enthusiasts and marks a shift towards greater acceptance of digital assets in traditional finance.


Former President Trump’s recent remarks in support of the crypto sector have further fueled optimism among industry players. Trump’s acknowledgment of the challenges faced by American crypto companies due to regulatory hostility signals a potential shift in the political landscape. With the upcoming presidential elections, the crypto community awaits to see how candidates’ stances on digital assets evolve, highlighting the increasing influence of crypto in mainstream politics.


Bitcoin Liquidity Battle: Bulls vs. Bears


Bitcoin’s price struggles continue as it hovers near the $60,000 mark, with traders closely monitoring liquidity levels. Despite recent spikes to $63,876, BTC faces significant resistance in the $63,000-$65,000 range, where over $100 million in ask liquidity is concentrated.


Analysts point to key support levels, with $58,000-$60,000 seen as crucial for maintaining bullish momentum. However, concerns arise if BTC fails to hold above $58,000, potentially leading to a deeper correction towards $52,000.


While some remain cautious, others note that Bitcoin is currently holding the range low, indicating stability despite recent fluctuations. Amidst the uncertainty, traders await clearer signals to determine the next direction for BTC’s price movement.


3 Trends to Consider Before Bitcoin’s Bull Run Resumes


While the market may be experiencing a downturn, the bull run is far from over. As investors await its resurgence, here are three trends to keep an eye on:


Easy Start, Modest Gains: Newcomers often begin by investing in established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. While these offer steady growth potential, diversifying into smaller projects could yield significant returns in the long run.


Three Narratives to Watch: Emerging trends include the fusion of artificial intelligence and blockchain, the tokenization of real assets, and advancements in blockchain technology itself. Projects like RitualNet, Morpheus, PV01, and Ondo Finance are leading the way in these areas.


Follow the Giants: When considering investments, remember that major funds have likely already made their moves. Keeping abreast of noticeable narratives and seeking clarity in investment opportunities can guide informed decision-making. Stay informed and adaptable as the crypto landscape evolves and remember that understanding the trends can help navigate the market effectively.


Ethereum’s Inflationary Turn: Post-Merge Era Begins


Ether, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, has shifted from deflationary to inflationary for the first time since the Merge. This change follows Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade, implemented two months ago, which saw a slight increase in total Ether supply.


Despite the inflationary trend, Ethereum’s strength remains in its decentralized applications (DApps), distinct from Bitcoin’s sound money narrative. The reduced transaction fees post- upgrade have altered Ether’s status, potentially signaling the end of its “ultra sound” money narrative.


While this shift may mark a new phase for Ether, the Ethereum network continues to evolve, emphasizing its prowess in DApp functionality. As Ethereum adapts to meet growing demands, its community eagerly awaits further developments in its journey.


Now, a technical indicator known as the “golden cross” is on the horizon for DOGE. This pattern, where the 50-week moving average crosses above the 200-week moving average, suggests a shift toward bullish momentum in the short term. If history repeats itself, this could lead to a sustained uptrend.


However, it’s essential to tread cautiously. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, and meme coins like DOGE are heavily influenced by speculation rather than real-world utility. Additionally, changes in fiat liquidity and global interest rates can impact their performance.


Dogecoin’s ‘Golden Cross’ Signals Potential Surge


Dogecoin’s ‘Golden Cross’ Signals Potential SurgeDogecoin (DOGE), the beloved meme cryptocurrency, appears to be gearing up for a bullish rally reminiscent of its early 2021 surge. With its market cap soaring to around $22 billion, DOGE has outpaced even Bitcoin’s performance this year.


As DOGE enthusiasts eagerly await this potential golden cross, the broader crypto community watches closely to see if Dogecoin will once again capture the spotlight.









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