Exciting news are here! We are thrilled to unveil an all-in-one financial platform that brings together the best of both worlds—seamless money transfers and cutting-edge cryptocurrency services. Unblock is proud to introduce our new promotion: Zero Fees!

Enjoy Unblock Cryptos with Zero Fees for 2 Months!

  • Promotion Period: 01 June 2023 to 30 September2023.
  • All transactions made with Unblock Crypto during the promotion period will have zero fees.
  • This promotion applies to all types of transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, and conversions.
  • Users will not be charged any fees for sending or receiving cryptocurrencies through Unblock Crypto.
  • The zero-fee promotion covers all supported cryptocurrencies on the Unblock Crypto platform.
  • Users can freely convert between different cryptocurrencies without incurring any fees during the promotional period.
  • The zero-fee promotion is automatically applied to all eligible transactions made within the specified timeframe.
  • Unblock reserve the right to terminate this promotion at any time with prior notice.
  • Any transactions conducted before or after the promotion period will be subject to regular transaction fees.
  • To be eligible the user must be verified.
  • The zero-fee promotion does not exempt users from complying with applicable laws, regulations, or Unblock Crypto’s terms of service.
  • Unblock Crypto retains the right to review and investigate any suspicious or fraudulent activities during the promotion and take appropriate action, including but not limited to suspending or terminating user accounts.
  • By participating in this promotion, users agree to abide by all the terms and conditions outlined above.

Application Download Coming Soon!